La Boucherie De Rue Mouffetard

I wanted to get that feeling of Paris during the Holidays.

I love Rue Mouffetard. I didn’t live far.

This was the first time I painted plein-air at dusk and in the cold.

The burst of energy from carrying the paints and easel fled with the sun.

In it’s place, the cold and the rain.

Rain not so heavy to leave, but enough to not want to stay.

Then gold struck.

The lights came on and the people moved off.

Cadmium Yellow!

Phthalo Blue!!

Titanium White!!!

The paint tubes were hard.

I remember what the Maestro always said, ‘Paint with courage!’

I squeezed hard. Too much paint.

I needed five arms to hit it all.

It could have been 3 minutes; it could have been 30.

Then as if it was the night’s applause, it began to rain hard.

This performance was over.

I took it home and finished it 4 years later.

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The Answer To Fear Is Beauty

For years I’ve been dealing with a degenerative spinal condition that no doctors had an answer for. I actually shrunk about an inch and 1/4!

That sucked.

This year I finally found a solution with science based, clinical nutrition. Yay!

I am finally coming back to life and I want to share my joy and the Tonal Impressionism method invented in France 100 years ago with Paris and the World!

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