An Orgy Of Movement In Sensual Celebration

English: human mind for performance psychology...
The human mind.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where the human mind was revered as a critical source of inspiration in the Contemporary Art of the last Millennium, French Tonal Impressionism takes a departure which reflects the dawn of a new knowledge and understanding we now have about everything.

We are not merely observers of reality but participants.

There is a formless stuff from which all things are made.

And our preciously small sensory perception is the boundary condition where we interact with a void seething with activity.

The act of painting in this style is an orgy of movement in sensual celebration of our moment in this space and time.

When painting from a photo it is customary to turn the picture upside down to further enhance the raw sensation of being immersed in the subtleties of tone which gives us the perception of 3 dimensions.

French Tonal Impressionism:

  • Always paint against the form.
  • Squint to assess dark and light areas.
  • When in doubt blur it out.
  • Keep it as loose as you can for as long as you can.
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